Friday, February 24, 2012

ELA Showcase

This is my top three post:
The reason this is my number one is because it's true you wounder what it is every day and almost no one knows.
The reason I wrote this is because I didn't have as meny friends as you would think but when I frist met her it's like there was hope for me to be someone in middle school.
 The reason I wrote this is because it tells the  true meaning of love and it's not puppy love it's like you fell head over heels for someone.

The proof I am a writer.
Because I use to hate writing until i wrote a paper and then I started loving to write as you can see down below. Click here > to read it.. How I found my writing call

Best example of creativity:
The reason I think it's that one because it's like more detailed then a lot of my other writing.


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